Shravan Muralidhar
TRUST- for those who love to read oneself

Yeah I am sure you’ll think this will be yet another intelectual bull shit. Well I dont say its intellectual but my own insights of my experiences.

I have always been wondering why people get frantic about this one word TRUST.

"I had sooooo much of TRUST on him and he screwed it"
"ill TRUST you, you take care of me"
"TRUST me"

A day before I just sat thinking what really this TRUST thing is actually.

TRUST is the name we give to ourself for depending on others. Its a way to screw our own independence. TRUST is to sell away ourself with a belief that the other person is not going to resell it, isn’t that stupid?

Lets talk about TRUST and love.

It all starts with we seeing a person, getting attracted to his/her beauty at first. Then we get attracted to the nature of the person, which actually means that the behavior of the other person is compatible to our selfish requirement. 
we feel secure with her predictable behavior. We TRUST him/her.

Then later, the story told will be that “I TRUSTED him/her but he/she broke my heart, he/she ditched me”

But when I think, it elaborately means that you TRUSTED him/her, started selling yourself, all your truths etc. etc. seeking support, getting dependent, Getting addicted to that warmth, to that comfort day by day. At some point you lose yourself and you are completely in control of an another person without your knowledge.

Its all good until things are as you predicted it to be.

but once the other person gets bored, his/her behavior starts changing, starts seeming its no more compatible to your selfish needs, you repel. we say “You broke my TRUST”, Which means you are no more acting according to what I predicted, I can no more depend on you. I have lost all security. But you are yet in the High of your addiction to that person and you call that “TRUE LOVE” and say that the other person in just not TRUSTWORTHY.Huh!!!. Highly Hilarious.

LOVE and TRUST never coexist according to me.
When we TRUST someone, it is very selfish
Whereas LOVE is very very Unselfish
Love is independent of TRUST

This concept may be a bit very high and impractical for us.

But at least we shall not confuse TRUST to be LOVE.


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POP Me - Jobs on a Jobless Sunday :P :P :P

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